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Time to Invest in ‘Product as a Subscription’ Companies?


The UK appears to be in the grips of a subscription addiction that fortunately doesn’t involve pharmaceuticals. Products as a subscription is the latest business model trend and it’s taking off in a big way. Companies that focus on recurring revenue streams are also popular with investors. From SEIS and EIS investors looking for promising startups to back for the chance of a risky but tax-efficient shot at a big win to stock market investors, subscription-based models are in vogue.

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Real Estate

Blockchain Technology Has Arrived in Property Sales

real estate

Blockchain technology is best known as the technology that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin run on. However, for those not interested in investing online in cryptocurrencies, recent developments mean that in the near future your next investment properties might also be purchased over a blockchain platform. Many experts believe that one of blockchain technology’s most natural and effective applications will be in changing the way property deals are done.

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