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Do Slowing Property Prices Make 2018 the Moment to Invest?

Property prices

Property portal Rightmove yesterday released its 2018 forecast for the UK’s property market. The forward guidance wouldn’t have made particularly enjoyable reading for those who bought a property at some point during 2017.

Rightmove predicting that growth will be close to non-existent over most of the country and London and the commuter belt are expected to see average prices slide by up to 2%.

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Will the Stock Market Bubble Finally Burst in 2018? Arguments for and Against

Stock Market111

Almost the entirety of 2017 to date, and we only have a few weeks left, has been a positive story for equities markets. And 2016 was even better. In the UK, the FTSE 100 finished the first week of January 2016 at 5912.44 and the first week of December at 7300.49. That’s a 20% gain in less than two years. Admittedly, the vast majority of that was added in 2016, with 2017 so far a little over 2 percent up on the end of last year. Nonetheless, even holding on to those gains in the face of Brexit headwinds can be considered a very positive trend.

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