Rail travel surpasses air travel as the preferred mode of transport

Rail travel surpasses

A report by Transform Scotland reveals more people are now travelling by trains between London and Scotland

Finally, there is some good news for green enthusiasts and environmentalists! The news is coming from Transform Scotland which has reported a shift from air travel to rail travel between Scotland and London. In fact, this change in pattern is huge and historic as it surpasses figures from the last 20 years. This means, people are resorting to rail travel in a big way as compared to air travel. It is having a huge impact on the environment as can be seen from the amount of carbon emission which has come down drastically.

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Hong Kong property investment pours into London

Hong Kong property investment

Investors from Hong Kong are investing in London on a big scale

Investors from Hong Kong are pouring money in London commercial property market this year. Chinese investment in London has more than trebled compare to that before the British referendum. While other investors are pulling out of London, it is the opposite with Chinese investors who have pressed the accelerator in investment. As China tightens its grip on overseas investments, property magnates are using Hong Kong as a conduit for investment. Although, there are other factors as well that are driving increasing Chinese investment in London and include sterling’s 12% drop since the brexit referendum against the dollar, higher property cost in Hong Kong compared with London and heightened political uncertainty in Hong Kong.

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