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Free Investment Advice on Ethical Products Demanded by UK Investors

Investment Advice

UKSIF, the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association has warned financial advisors that they face a revolt from investors if they ‘fail to meet the demand for sustainable investment options’.

UKSIF chief executive Simon Howard believes that investors will move to robo-advisors and comparison sites that provide free investment advice if do not cater to the eight out of ten investors interested to learn more about responsible investing products. The statistics come from a recent survey conducted by The Wisdom Council.

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Real Estate

Where to Look for Investment Properties that Follow the London Exodus?

Investment Properties

A recent research report by estate agents Countrywide suggests that renters are abandoning London at the greatest rate since 2007. However, unlike the exodus of 10 years ago they are not moving outside of the capital to buy their own property. House price inflation across the South-East means that this time around most of those opting for the commuter lifestyle in a bid to reduce living expenses, London rents have risen more than anywhere else since 2012, will still be renting in their new locations. While 51% of renters leaving the capital in 2007 did so to move into their own home, that has dropped to only 21% ten years later.

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