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Low platinum cost pushes jewellery demand


For budget-conscious ring-bearers, the preferred material might be platinum.

According to Platinum Guild International, the low platinum price in 2016 had retailers stocking up on the precious metal, with Indians and Americans the most likely to put a platinum ring on it. In India platinum demand soared 11.4%, while in the U.S., demand grew 5.4%.

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Precious Metals

Global Indicators Affecting Gold in 2017


The strong economic numbers from the US during 1Q17 have been casting a shadow over precious metals, as strong data could imply sooner-than-expected interest rate rises. Rising interest rates are negative for precious metals, as they don’t pay interest like Treasuries.

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Precious Metals

Silverfern engages Perth Mint

precious metals

The Perth Mint is a gold-standard client – literally. One of Western Australia’s largest exporters, it generated revenue of $9 billion (£7.34 billion) in 2016 and distributes about $18 billion (£14 billion) worth of precious metals to investors across the world each year.

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