Crowdfunding getting popular in Singapore


The slowing economy has opened up new opportunities for businesses seeking alternative sources of funding for their ventures, as traditional avenues of financing dry up. Crowdfunding, or the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute a relatively small amount, typically through the Internet, has gained momentum.

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New York group meets nearly 6,000 per cent of its crowdfunding goal

New York group

A New York group has met nearly 6,000 per cent of its crowdfunding goal for a Lego-compatible tape designed to foster brick building on “virtually any surface.”

The inventors of Nimuno Loops, a tape covered in bumps designed to be compatible with Lego bricks, sought $8,000 (£6,521.56) in funding on IndieGoGo, but as of Wednesday they had raised more than $460,000 (£374,959.25) with a month left in the campaign.

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DomaCom signs its first agriculture crowdfunding deal


DomaCom has announced it signed off on its first agriculture crowdfunding deal, giving 90 retail investors a stake in a property in Victoria’s Western District.

The company announced this week that it has finalised a contract to purchase the 150-hectare property known as Doyles, which sits outside of Casterton near the South Australian border.

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