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How Will the Catalonia Referendum Impact UK-based Investors?

Catalonia Referendum

Yesterday’s disputed referendum on Catalonian independence, which the Spanish region’s government says has resulted in a landslide majority for ‘Yes’, may well prompt a political crisis within the EU more significant than Brexit. There are also likely to be significant repercussions for European financial markets in the coming days, weeks and months that stock market investors from the UK should be aware of.

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What does Merkel’s hollow victory mean for the EU?

Angela Merkel
  • Angela Merkel’s fourth term win was not the victory the market was hoping for
  • 13% of voters backed the anti-Euro AFD (Alternative for Germany)
  • Euro trading at 30-day low as a result

Following the twists and turns of 2016, this year started with much apprehension that the populous vote, which saw the surprise Brexit result and Trump’s ascension to the White House, would continue and spread throughout Europe.

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Uber London loses licence to operate

Uber London

Uber not to be issued private hire license

Uber will lose its license to operate in London due to security and safety concerns. There have been instances involving the ride-hailing app firm that have raised public safety concerns. The ride-hailing firm will not be issued a new private hire licence, Transport for London (TfL) has said. TfL said that Uber is not fit to hold a private hire operator license. It further said that it took the decision on “public safety and security implications”. The authority is concerned regarding Uber’s approach to carrying out background checks on drivers and reporting serious criminal offences.

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May cabinet split three ways on Brexit transition

Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet is divided over the time frame to be adopted for Britain’s exit from the European Union. While one faction is advocating a harder brexit or a quick divorce from the association of European economies, the others do not seem to agree with it. This development has split the May cabinet in three ways.

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Tiktin Real Estate Investment Services brokers $5.15 million (£4.12 million) sale of property in Cocoa

Real Estate Investment

Tiktin Real Estate Investment Services (TREIS), a commercial real estate Investment sales brokerage, has announced the sale of Clearlake Square, an 85,522 square-foot shopping center anchored by Winn-Dixie at 1066 Clearlake Road in Cocoa, Florida.

The sellers, Cocoa Commercial Properties, LLC and Top of the Ridge, LLC, sold the retail center to ATS Residential, a Florida-based real estate investment firm, for $5.15 million (£4.12 million).

Adam J. Tiktin and Cliff D. Weisner of TREIS represented both the sellers and buyer in cooperation with Steve Aberman of WBS Properties. The closing took place March 7.

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White House win for Trump: Markets stunned, oil stumbles


Markets went into disarray, sending oil prices into turmoil as Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the U.S. presidential election reminding of Brexit earlier this year.

Oil prices take a dip

As Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in the bid for the White House, crude futures markets roared into action.

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Donald Trump victory: Markets take stock of the situation


Initial reactions of shock in markets across Europe are giving way to recovery following Donald Trump’s successful bid to White House.

The shock of Trump’s victory is being compared with Brexit by some analysts. However, markets as well as currencies have shown measured reaction and have not reacted as wildly as they did following Brexit.

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After Trump shock: Dollar, global stocks, Mexican peso fight back


Donald Trump’s shock victory stumps world markets

Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election saw the U.S. dollar, Mexican peso and world stocks fall on Wednesday, but fears of a Brexit-type shock has not yet appeared.

Investors fear global economic and trade turmoil and years of policy unpredictability as the result of Trump victory, which could discourage the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates in December as long expected.

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