Cheap gas to fuel Labor Day travel in Indiana

Travel chaos

With gas prices even lower than last year, lots of area residents are expected to hit the road on Labor Day weekend.

In all of Indiana, more than 800,000 Hoosiers are expected to travel 50 miles or more, said Beth Mosher, a spokeswoman for AAA Chicago. The holiday travel period is defined by AAA as running from today through Monday.

Many Hoosiers are expected to take advantage of cheap gas by driving during the summer’s last holiday weekend. Others will travel by airplane, bus and train.

Though AAA isn’t putting out official estimates this year, most are predicting strong numbers similar to last year, perhaps even a little better, in part because of a stronger economy and in part because of low gas prices.

Cheaper gas will give people an incentive to travel. According to, the average price per gallon for regular gas in Indiana on Wednesday was $2.28 (£1.72), down from $2.48 (£1.87) on the same day last year; the average U.S. price per gallon was $2.23 (£1.68), down from $2.48 (£1.87).


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