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Salt – Experts’ new ingredient for improving the flavour of wine


For those not experts in the vino department, we’re vaguely aware that the ‘proper’ thing to do is swill it and put our faces into it, or something.

Now, wine experts have a new trick up their sleeves: adding salt to glasses of wine.

Yes – if you’ve bought a bottle for a fiver, opened it, and found it actually tastes like chewing on that fiver, salt is apparently the quick and cheap way to remedy the situation.

According to The Wall Street Journal, former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold has found that adding just a few grains could balance the flavour of some otherwise unbalanced wines.

He said he first tried out the method at a dinner party. Sat next to Gina Gallo of E. & J. Gallo Winery at the time, he says that she wished her glass of Cabernet was a little more savoury rather than fruity – so he added a pinch of salt.

And it apparently worked so well that ‘pretty soon everyone at the table was doing this’.


The author Paul