South Shore project to double the number of commuters out of South Bend, cut travel time


A double rail running in Northwest Indiana could cut the Chicago commute for thousands of Michiana riders aboard the South Shore. On Thursday, NICTD rail officials held a public workshop in Michigan City to inform and gain input on the roughly $210 million (£168.58 million) dollar project called Double Track NWI.

President of the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD), Michael Noland said, “You unlock the region”.

Noland continued, “Michigan City becomes a bedroom city out of Chicago when you can get the commute time down to 60 minutes”.

Currently, the South Shore operates as a “follow the leader” service. With two tracks running between Gary and Michigan City’s 11th Street Station, an express train would make the South Shore commute to Chicago quicker than hopping in the car.

The Michigan City construction could force some streets to close, an issue to one longtime resident.

“I’m still concerned about my street being closed up if that, you know, if that comes to fruition,” said Margaret Piecur.


The author Paul