Auto Show in Tokyo Dominated by Self Driven Green Cars

Published On: November 9, 2015Categories: Latest News, Tech1.4 min read

People around the world have evinced interest in self driven cars that allow them to chat with friends on social networking platforms while moving from one place to another. These green cars that are designed to entertain passengers with online movies hogged limelight during recently held Tokyo Auto Show. Japan is witnessing a young generation that is disinterested in driving cars. These cars aim to woo these disinterested youngsters.


This auto show was used by Nissan to showcase its concept car that is fitted with laser scanners, intelligent cameras, radar, and even computers to make the car think to be able to drive by itself. Though Nissan has not given a name to this concept car, the company describes it as IDS that stands for intelligent driving system. The technology being developed is in initial stages but Nissan says that its vehicle will be able to change lanes on highways on its own by 2018. It claims that this vehicle will be able to drive on its own on busy city roads by 2020.


Nissan says that   when ready, its self driven car will be smart and intelligent enough to recognize the difference between red traffic light and the tail light of other vehicles on road. It also says that its self driven car will be intelligent enough to anticipate when a pedestrian is trying to cross the street through his body language.


As expected, this new vehicle from Nissan will also be green as will be battery powered. It will be fitted with a battery that is new and gives improved mileage per charge.


What stands in the way of these intelligent self driven cars is not technology but social acceptance. These cars will move on roads occupied with normal cars with drivers, pedestrians, objects, and even animals in some cases.

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