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EIS Crackdown Leads to £400 Million Loss of Investment in UK Start-Ups

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Changes to the EIS scheme that encourages private investment in promising UK start-up and growth companies announced in last year’s autumn budget were largely considered at the time as a positive development. Phillip Hammond, the incumbent Chancellor of the Exchequer raised the investment allowance eligible to benefit from the scheme’s tax breaks to £2 million a year from £1 million. EIS investors gain tax relief of 30% of their initial investment into companies raising capital through the scheme. In the event of the investment proving unsuccessful and a loss having to be subsequently written off, much of that is also subsequently tax deductible, significantly reducing the risk profile of EIS investments.

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FX Giant Adopts Ripple as International Payments System


Anyone who has or is considering investing online in cryptocurrencies will have most likely been more than a little concerned over steep price drops since the beginning of the year. Bitcoin futures beginning to trade on major US regulated exchanges CME and Cboe led to a sharp upward surge in the prices of most major cryptocurrencies late last year. The move was interpreted as marking cryptocurrencies making a significant step towards mainstream adoption and integration into financial markets.

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