Britain couldn’t leave the single market if it tried


The civil service prides itself on being able to deliver the crazy and impossible, if ministers so ordain. It even managed to introduce a poll tax for Margaret Thatcher, and to somehow keep it going for three years in the face of riots. But it’s increasingly clear that Brexit may be an impossibility too far, even for Whitehall’s brightest and best.

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JGBs flat in subdued trading session

trading session

The Japanese government bonds remained flat Monday amid a subdued trading session that witnessed data of minimum economic significance. Also, major markets remain closed today, on the account of Easter holidays, which further lent sluggishness to the debt market.

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Malaysia: Crackdown deters investors


Malaysia is succeeding in snuffing out currency speculation – now it has to deal with the fallout.

Offshore trading in ringgit non-deliverable forwards has slumped by about 70 per cent since the central bank took steps in November to deter foreign banks from trading the contracts, according to EBS BrokerTec’s electronic-trading platform.

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