Is It Really Time to Get Out of the London Property Market?


London has built up a reputation as a bullet-proof property investment market. True, rental returns may not have been the highest achievable across the UK, especially for those who have come into the market at the heights of recent years. But, in the minds of more than enough buyers to keep the market not only buoyant but showing strong growth, that is more than compensated by strong capital appreciation and an insurance-like premium against market downturns.

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Is North Korea Still Roiling the Markets? Recent Trends Suggest Otherwise

North Korea

By James Trescothick, Senior Global Strategist, easyMarkets

The war of words between North Korea and the United States has gripped the markets as of late, with investors increasingly jittery about the prospect of confrontation on the Korean peninsula. However, recent developments seem to suggest that investors have already “priced in” North Korean chaos into their portfolios.

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Uber London loses licence to operate

Uber London

Uber not to be issued private hire license

Uber will lose its license to operate in London due to security and safety concerns. There have been instances involving the ride-hailing app firm that have raised public safety concerns. The ride-hailing firm will not be issued a new private hire licence, Transport for London (TfL) has said. TfL said that Uber is not fit to hold a private hire operator license. It further said that it took the decision on “public safety and security implications”. The authority is concerned regarding Uber’s approach to carrying out background checks on drivers and reporting serious criminal offences.

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Facebook not to reclassify stocks


Mark Zuckerberg has dropped plans to reclassify stocks

Mark Zuckerberg has dropped plans to reclassify stocks in order to stay in control of his social networking site. In a post on Facebook, he categorically stated that he was abandoning plans to create a class of stockholders without voting rights. Zuckerberg said that he and wife Priscilla will sell off all their shares of the company and purse philanthropy. He said that the value of his stocks has reached a level that can fund the philanthropy work pursued by him and his family. He had asked the board to stop considering the reclassification of stocks that was accepted by the board.

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Downing secures £439m investment in UK-wide student housing

UK-wide student housing

Liverpool based developer Downing secures £439m investment in UK-wide student housing joint venture

Downing will develop massive student housing across the UK. This will further establish Downing as a major player in the student accommodation sector. It has a strong presence in leading university cities and has a reputation in student accommodation across the UK. Downing is known for high quality and well-managed housing facilities.

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Start-up’s socially intelligent robot tech raises $2.5m

socially intelligent robot

Swedish startup raises $2.5 million for its socially intelligent robot

Furhat Robotics has raised $2.5 million for its socially intelligent robots which mimic human behaviour and display human-like social behaviour. The robotic system mimics human gesture and intonation and creates expressions using computer animation and projection. The technology can be potentially used for a number of ways and will have smartphone interaction and medical implications for the elderly and those with certain medical conditions. The star up has raised the sum in seed funding from Balderton Capital and LocalGlobe.

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Business struggle with jargon, reveals research

Epicor Software

Businesses professionals not familiar with technological terms, a research has revealed

Industry seems to be lacking an understanding of business related technical language, a research has found. This is despite the fact that these technologies have evolved years ago and are at advanced stages at present. Due to the fast changing technology, business professionals are unable to keep pace with key technologies and innovations affecting their sector and business. But business professionals are aware of the role of technology in driving business growth in their sector.

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Bank of England

Bank of England

Bank of England is the regulator and central bank of the UK that is dedicated to public service

Bank of England is the regulator and central bank of the United Kingdom. The bank’s headquarter is on Threadneedle Street in London’s main financial district of the City of London. It is a government-owned organisation that is dedicated to public service. The bank is committed to promote good of the people of UK. Bank of England is a diverse organisation and consists of 3600 people.

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Northern Rock’s Bank of England bailout ‘should have been secret

Northern Rock

Former Bank of England governor says that the bailout of North Rock bank should have been a secret

The bailout of Northern Rock bank should have been a secret to prevent panic, a top banker has claimed. According to Mervyn King, the then Bank of England governor, he advised the deal to bail out Northern Rock bank be kept secret to prevent panic. The day after BBC revealed the bail by the Bank of England on 13 September 2007, thousands of the bank’s customers led the first run on a British bank since 1866. The following month, the Bank of England did make secret loans worth £61.2bn to RBS and HBOS.

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Dollar edges down vs yen after Trump’s govt shutdown remarks

U.S. dollar

The dollar came down against the yen after shutdown remarks by U.S. President Donald Trump

Following U.S. President’s shutdown remarks, the dollar edged down on Wednesday. Trump recalled his election vow to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border during a rally in Phoenix. Talking to his supporters, he said, “If we have to close down the government, we are building that wall.” He raised the spectre of a government shutdown to fulfil a campaign pledge. Trump also indicated the possibility of terminating the NAFTA treaty with Mexico and Canada and commented on the U.S.-North Korea crisis.

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