Lloyds Bank is closing 100 high street branches, with more than 400 job losses

Lloyds Bank

The Lloyds bank will be closing high street branches as it faces changed customer behaviour

One of the most reputed and high street banks, the Lloyds bank is getting ready to face the challenge of changing customer behaviour, as the new reality in banking. The bank has decided to respond to the fall in the number of transactions at its outlets by reducing the number of outlets.

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HSBC to close another 62 branches this year


HSBC will focus on digital banking, close down 62 branches this year

The Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC, one of the leading banking service providers globally, has decided on economic measures as it prepares itself more for digital banking. It is going to make digital banking a priority over the traditional form. An increasing number of customers are taking to the electronic format of banking recently, which has forced the bank to cut down on physical banking. As a result, the London-based bank will close down a number of its branches across the country and focus on the digital mode.

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RBS to close 158 branches and put 472 jobs on the line, as more and more people shift towards digital banking


RBS to close a number of UK branches, to focus on digital banking

The Royal Bank of Scotland or RBS, one of the four high street banks and clearing agents in the UK, has decided to change the way it offers services. The bank has decided to overhaul its functioning and make digital banking a priority for itself. It is closing down a number of branches as it sees red for the ninth consecutive year. Precisely, it will close down 158 branches across the UK and focus on electronic mode of banking. The majority of the branches that the bank will close are Natwest branches. Most branches will be shut down in September or October.

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May cabinet split three ways on Brexit transition

Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet is divided over the time frame to be adopted for Britain’s exit from the European Union. While one faction is advocating a harder brexit or a quick divorce from the association of European economies, the others do not seem to agree with it. This development has split the May cabinet in three ways.

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