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County to raise revenue from property

by Paul

Though the approved sale of two pieces of surplus property for $7,000 (£5,600) will add to the county’s bottom line, the future of two rather larger tracts, remains unclear.

What to do with the separate sites, one already on the county’s books and the other expected to be in the county’s possession before the end of the fiscal year, led to debate among Madison County Commissioners at their March 14 meeting.

The issue of surplus property is one that has had the attention of commissioners for well over a year. Looking to increase county revenues without raising taxes, officials have stepped up collecting delinquent taxes, an action that sometimes puts foreclosed property with unpaid property taxes on the county’s books. They have also been more willing to sell county-owned sites no longer in use, like the sale of the Madison County Jail last year for just under $200,000 (£160,180).

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