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Crowdfunding: Humble Exeter surf shop owner invites people for crowdfunding

by Paul

The business run by Salt city resident, Richard Monk, looks brighter and full of new ideas. Now he is better equipped to run his business, thanks to some innovation and crowd funding by shoppers. Richard owns the popular Exeter surf shop and his efforts are showing results because of the efforts put in by some of his customers. As a result, there is more brightness in the business. The business now looks more promising that it did even a month ago. There is more sparkle and promise for the business.

Richard was in need of cash some time ago as he needed finances for his humble shop business at Salt city. He was looking to sell his beloved van for generating cash for running the business. Courtesy, support for crowd funding campaign by some of his customers, there is no need to sell the bus and the future is more positive as well as a novel way of showing gratitude. Now, Richard is inviting anyone associated with the campaign in any way, to sign the back of his favourite “salty bus”, as he prefers to call it. In spite of all this, the personal touch of visiting a shop still remains.

It is for those who like to visit physical shops for shopping. This traditional way is appealing to many who prefer visiting their favourite shops for the purpose. They like the personal experience and commitment associated with visiting a brick and mortar shop round the corner or near their home.

For those whose preference is visiting shops and other traditional places, there is more. It comes in the form of maps for locating bags. The maps have been introduced to make things easy for people looking to visit shops physically. They have been mounted and pinned to the wall for locating the bags.

They will him know where every Salt city carrier bag has been pictured by a customer. This will assist customers as well as Richard in conducting business. He will know the location of the bags in the city. Richard said: “It’s a focal point to show everyone where all the bags have gone. As soon I shared the idea my friend Ben Hadley came in with some MDF to mount it on, my uncle Frank put it on the wall for me, and my mother-in-law provided the pins – yellow, of course.”

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