CryptoPunks leads NFT sales volume for the second day

by Jonathan Adams

The Ethereum-based NFT collection recorded more than $1.25 million in daily sales

CryptoPunks dominated the market with a daily sales volume for the second successive day on Wednesday.

The Ethereum-based NFT collection recorded more than $1.25 million in daily sales with eight total transactions attributed to seven unique buyers and sellers each.

CryptoPunks led the market despite a 25% sales decline from the previous day. Its $1.7 million daily sales volume also led the market on Tuesday, as per CryptoSlam data.

CryptoPunks’ two-day dominance was not able to keep Ethereum, its host chain, at the top of the blockchain rankings for NFT sales. Bitcoin collections collectively achieved $6.68 million in sales on Wednesday, surpassing Ethereum’s $6.04 million.

The second-highest performing collection of the day was DMarket, with a daily sales volume of $725,058, involving a staggering 4,147 unique buyers and 3,569 sellers across 31,734 transactions.

DMarket is a NFT collection that represents in-game items for the Mythos chain.

NodeMonkes on Bitcoin claimed the third spot with a daily sales volume of $717,301.84, engaging 37 unique buyers and 35 sellers in 38 transactions. This is a marginal decline from the $750,024.31 generated the day before. The collection’s all-time sales now stand at $214.35 million, reflecting a strong market position.

NodeMonkes is the all-time leading collection on the Bitcoin network, with $214.5 million in sales. It is now about $1 million away from overtaking CyberKongz, an Ethereum-based collection that currently holds the 26th spot on the all-time sales chart.

Other notable collections that made Wednesday’s top 10 sales list include the BRC-20 NFTs, which saw a daily sales volume of $634,465, and Mad Lads, which generated $518,697 in sales.

Both collections experienced fluctuations in their daily performance, with BRC-20 NFTs witnessing a rise in transactions from the previous day, while Mad Lads saw a drop in sales from $800,760.

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