Dubai: The international investment hotspot

by Jonathan Adams

Dubai represents one of the biggest economies in United Arab Emirates, courtesy, its tax free zones that are business havens. These free zones are inviting and a big lure for business, domestic as well as international, who are all set to draw huge advantages from the profitable incentives on offer at these zones. The city of Dubai hosts more than three such zones out of twenty spread across the Emirate.

Dubai has witnessed incredible growth spurt in recent years which has established it as the key investment, commerce and trading destination. Investors are at liberty to choose from numerous and varied advantages depending on their venture and requirement.

The city’s policing, ample liquidity and political stability make it the most favoured investment spot globally. It has sophisticated banking systems, financial institutions and wide credit facilities. It has a vast foreign network covering 179 states with a potential of global marketing. Majority of investment in Dubai is in transportation, telecommunications and engineering infrastructure.

The economic scenario
Dubai, the mega city located strategically in the Arabian Peninsula and the world map, presents endless opportunities for businesses to establish and forge lucrative trading partnerships with global and local companies. The city’s economy is open to elevated per capita revenue. Dubai is the gateway to a large, ultra-modern, highly diversified and fast-paced market.

Business in the Dubai
The city is open to international investors and they can start up their business anywhere in the city by registering with the local authorities and hiring legal and commercial agents.

Top business sectors
Travel and tourism – Dubai is one of the elite holiday destinations in the world today because of its opulence and diverse amusement facilities. Its skyline is marked by the world’s only seven-star hotel (Burj-Al-Arab) and other state-of-the-art entertainment centres and parks which make business a lively experience. The city has everything on display that any business globe-trotter or even a small business traveller looks for.

Its strategically perfect location makes it the hotspot of international conferences, conclaves and seminars. Because of its international class hotel and accommodation facilities, transportation and sprawling commercial establishments, it offers value and luxury in equal amounts. Therefore, the city captures business and leisure in the best way.

IT Industry – Dubai is full of companies dealing in information technology. An increasing number of IT companies are making the city their headquarters. They offer high-value products as software development, web designing, web hosting, mobile development, and cloud services among host of others. With ever-growing demand for IT personnel, it has come up as a hub of technology and attracting technology experts from all over the world.

Airline industry – The aviation industry in the city is thriving because of its excellent infrastructure and industrial feats. The airlines sector has created a niche for itself in a little span of time because of orientation to quality. It has setup benchmarks across the globe because of its efficiency and services par excellence. It offers seamless travel facilities to the global business traveller and has become the natural choice for corporate and executive.

This article is for information purposes only.
Please remember that financial investments may rise or fall and past performance does not guarantee future performance in respect of income or capital growth; you may not get back the amount you invested.
There is no obligation to purchase anything but, if you decide to do so, you are strongly advised to consult a professional adviser before making any investment decisions.

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