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Farming enterprise does it with beer

by Paul

A beer can turn on your day quite often, but not many people find it to be a life-changer.

But after a hot day on their cattle farm at Hampton, Joel Herlaar brought home a carton of Corona beers to share with dad Mark.

The eyebrow-raising price of $2 (£1.61) per lime came up in conversation and the idea for a new enterprise was born.

They started out by planting a lime tree in the back yard to supply their own limes for fresh water and icy-cold Coronas and soon discovered it was not too hard to keep it alive and fruiting. Five years later they bought 300 trees, creating Twin Pines Limes.

“I nearly killed them in the first year,” Joel laughed.

They never looked back since then and ended up with 4000 trees over 7.2ha.

This year the Herlaars were set to haul in their biggest crop to date.

“Our first commercial pick was 520kg and the second one was 15 tonnes, then from that we got to 97 tonnes last year,” Joel said.

“We processed 97 tonnes of fruit through a double garage.”

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