Five Tips to Step Out of your Comfort Zone

by Christopher Redman

A lot of us are doing the same routine every day. We eat the same food, drink the same coffee, go to work at the same office or talk to the same friends. After all, we are creatures making the same habit, choosing comfort over risks and doing things we have been doing for years.

However, in the world of business, staying in a comfort zone can be dangerous. Time and time again, customers want something exciting and new to their senses. Whether it is a crazy business concept or not, innovation is very important in maintaining sustainability. Entrepreneurs have to be creative and be out from their comfort zone, but if you are the type of individual who feel uncomfortable taking risks, making an extra effort of facing your fears is necessary. Try these tips and see how it can help you step out from the comfort zone;

Step out from your comfort zone on a regular basis

You need to step out from your comfort zone on a regular basis. Try things that are new to you and avoid those habits that can make you comfortable. If you are a shy type of guy who enjoys the camaraderie of a certain group of friends, make it a habit to network and attend social events. An entrepreneur should know how to socialize and maintain a good network.

Take small steps one at a time

There is no need for you to throw your old routine right away to make a new one. As much as possible, take small steps one at a time and get used to a new routine. For instance, you can drive a different route every time you go your way home or you can do some extreme activities you have not done yet like surfing, mountain climbing, longboarding and many others. The more you put yourself in an uncomfortable mode, the more you become confident in facing your fears.

View your fears in a positive note

Fear is a feeling that can be controlled and manipulated. It can be hard to overcome but if you view it in a positive note, you can eventually re-frame your fears. Control your mind and think of positive thoughts when you feel fearful to confront or speak to people who are new to you. Take it as an opportunity to learn so that sooner or later, you will not be anxious, thrilled or nervous in doing new things.

Be up for a challenge

Making business involves a lot of risks that you cannot imagine. If you want to step out from your comfort zone, always be up for a challenge. Sometimes it can be rewarding to successfully overcome an obstacle, so if your friend asks you to speak for a social event, go ahead. Feeling nervous is normal but the more you get used to the feeling, the better speaker you become.

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