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Fundraising efforts continue for Delphi trail safety

by Paul

Throughout the month of August, monetary donations to the Trail Safety Task Force of Delphi Historic Trails will be matched dollar for dollar through a grant with the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, according to a press release from the task force.

The grant is sponsored by IHCDA’s “CreatINg Places” program, which emphasizes making new public spaces by taking advantage of a community’s unique assets, the release stated. For Delphi, security improvements will be made at locations like Riley Park, Trailhead Park, the Blue Bridge area, Bicentennial Plaza and areas along the Monon High Bridge and Freedom Bridge.

Some of the new safety measures include placing identification posts every tenth of a mile along each trail, as well as equipping trail heads and entry points with cameras, informational kiosks, public Wi-Fi and lighting.

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