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Harlan Fiscal Court moves ahead with feasibility study

by Paul

The Harlan Fiscal Court took action on Tuesday adding $152,000 (£121,687) to an already-existing $500,000 (£400,288) the county has been sitting on for years and discussed using the combined amount to fund a recreation/wellness center for the people of Harlan County.

Harlan County Judge-Executive Dan Mosley brought up the $500,000 (£400,288) which has been in the county’s possession for some time.

“As you all know, we have money — $500,000 (£400,288) — that was forfeited by some doctors years ago,” Mosley said. “We voted last year to put that money in a CD, $504,000 (£403,351) is in a certificate of deposit at Home Federal Bank.”

Mosley pointed out the $500,000 (£400,288) was ordered to benefit the children of Harlan County.

According to Mosley, an additional $152,000 (£121,676) in coal severance money has also become available to the county because the city of Lexington has paid back coal severance money used for a project at Rupp Arena several years ago.

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