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Indianapolis International Airport prepares for holiday rush

by Jonathan Adams

Thanksgiving holiday travel has begun. Many will fly out of the Indianapolis International Airport.

TSA leaders expect a 35 per cent increase in the number of travellers in Indianapolis on Nov. 23.

Typically, 12,500 travellers go through Indianapolis International Airport on Wednesdays but the figure is expected to be around 17,000 on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, representing the 35 per cent increase. The Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving are the two busiest days for air travel. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is also busy; but to a lesser extent.

Indianapolis International Airport leaders worked with the TSA to speed up security wait times at the airport.

“This year here at Indianapolis, we looked at our checkpoint design and configuration so the queues you see here are relatively new,” Batt said.

This year’s improvements include better facilities for people with disabilities.

“Here in Indianapolis we’ve added additional resources for uniformed officers, which allows us to open up more security lanes,” Batt said.

“We were on a decline in regards to resources,” Batt said. “The number of people processing through the checkpoint was on the rise and the sort of came to a head.”

Travellers can speed up the line by knowing what’s allowed and what isn’t in carry-on and checked bags. For example, be sure that your keychain does not include the common small knife which is not allowed in carry-on bags. Don’t wrap gifts items through security as they often need to be checked and unwrapped. If you’re taking food home, know what’s allowed and what’s banned.

However, you can carry food and cakes of any size which can be placed in carry-on bags. Officials are also reporting an increase in the number of guns people try to pass through security, which are only allowed in checked bags. “When you arrive at the airport, declare it with your airline,” Batt said. “You can properly pack and travel with a firearm; however, you have to do so by putting it in your checked luggage.” 43 guns have been collected at the Indianapolis International Airport so far this year, just short of 2015’s total of 50.

Officials say items that are not allowed in bags can be returned to your car, given to a friend or family member who is not travelling, or can be mailed home at the airline.

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