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Kogalla launches crowdfunding campaign for solar storage bank

by Paul

Kogalla LLC, a manufacturer of world-class outdoor adventure products has come up with innovative portable solar panel array with integrated power storage. Kogalla announced its crowdfunding campaign launched this week and has already reached its goal.

Kogalla’s game changing Solar Storage Bank will provide continuous, renewable power for your mobile phone, lights and other USB devices.

“We tend not to think of our phone as a survival tool, but in the event of an emergency, it becomes our communication lifeline. In this situation, the last thing we need is our phone to die.” stated Kogalla CEO Rob Urry.

With the frequency and intensity of disasters increasing at an alarming rate, the Kogalla SSB is a key component of any disaster supply kit.

“While you need the Solar Storage Bank for your disaster supply kit, you’ll want it for all your outdoor adventures.” continued Urry.

The SSB integrates an ultra-slim, 10,000 mAh storage bank with a rugged 22 watt, foldable solar array into a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry unit. The kit also includes a USB light and cables in an attached zippered pouch.

The Kogalla Solar Storage Bank has several distinct advantages over the numerous solar panels and power banks on the market. Integrating the solar panel array with the storage bank makes the unit super-easy to set up. Just unfold and place it in the sun.

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