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Messaging app Line to raise up to $1.14b (£0.87b) in what could be the biggest tech IPO this year

by Paul

In what could so far be the biggest initial public offering in the technology industry this year, Japanese messaging app Line priced its IPO at the top end of its range due to high demand, and is now expected to raise as much as 115.5 billion yen, or about £0.87 billion.

The pricing for the Line Corp.’s dual Japan-United States IPO was pegged at 3,300 yen (£24.2603) per share, which is equivalent to just less than $33 (£25.12), after Line has initially set an indicative price of only 2,800 yen per share, or just less than $28 (£21.31) each.

The initial range for the IPO, which was between 2,700 yen (£19.8517) and 3,200 yen (£23.5316), was increased last week due to high demand, up to 2,900 yen (£21.3255) to 3,300 yen (£24.2669).

Line is now set for a dual listing in Tokyo and New York this week, as the company looks to grab a firmer hold in its core Asian markets while raising awareness of its brand overseas. The funds that Line will be raising through the IPO will be invested in expanding the company outside of its key markets of Japan and Southeast Asia.

Line is offering 13 million new shares through the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s first section and 22 million shares through the New York Stock Exchange. The company will also be selling an additional 5.25 million shares through a green-shoe option, which will allow more shares to be issued in case of massive demand.

The IPO, if all the shares are sold, including the additional ones through the green-shoe option, will be valued at up to $1.31 billion (£1.00 billion).

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