NFTs and NFT Technology

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This Revolutionary Technology Is Much More Than Digital Art

Many will have concluded NFTs are a really easy way to convince gullible crypto enthusiasts to part with large sums of cash for “unique” jpeg files that can be replicated with a right click of a mouse.

After all the market for NFTs, mainly digital art but also covering other collectables such as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet, was worth a whopping $41 billion! in 2021.

If that is your understanding of what an NFT is, you wouldn’t be wrong but you also wouldn’t have the full picture of the technology’s potential application.

Digital art is just one use of the cryptographic signatures facilitated by blockchain-based smart contracts.

Download the report to learn of other NFT use-case examples. Some examples might surprise you.

  • NFTs and NFT technology explained: why the revolutionary technology is much more than digital art
  • How does NFT technology work?
  • NFT use-case examples



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