Selangor government (Malaysia) disburses $2.68mil to traders under economic recovery plan

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The government has disbursed $2.68mil (RM11.44mil) to 22,884 traders throughout the state under its economic recovery plan

The Selangor government has disbursed $2.68mil (RM11.44mil) to 22,884 traders throughout the state under its economic recovery plan.

These were traders who had successfully applied for the $117.08 (RM500) incentive offered under the package to address the impact of Covid-19, said state local government, public transport and new village development committee chairman Ng Sze Han.

In addition, the state government, through local councils, has been offering trading opportunities to Selangor citizens based on the availability of existing stall units or trading spaces under the respective councils, Ng said.

Mindful of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ng said the state government had given some leeway to traders in terms of rent exemption for council premises in April and May.

The exemption is only given to traders with valid licences and who have fulfilled their monthly rental payment, said Ng in response to a question by Adhif Syan Abdullah (Bersatu – Dengkil) on the rental for local councils’ stalls.

Adhif Syan asked a supplementary question on whether local councils would review the lease for hawkers who had been trading for more than 10 years, particularly those who had been causing problems, and offer them to new traders. In response, Ng said: The state government has instructed all local councils to review the 10-year lease, to study whether it would be more suitable to extend or terminate the lease and offer the space to other applicants.

To another question by Saari Sungib (Amanah – Hulu Kelang) on the issue of temporary trading licences for roadside traders, Ng said local councils could consider issuing such permits if the stalls’ location does not cause traffic obstruction or congestion.

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