Smartphone can do 3D Scanning with this Device

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No one has yet thought of his smartphone working as a scanning machine. Eora 3D, a company headquartered in Sydney, thinks that it is not only possible but a very good idea too. In fact, this company is working on a 3D scanner that is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. Eora 3D scanner can work as an add-on to these smartphones. This futuristic device is available on Kickstarter for just $229 with estimated delivery for customers being given as June 2016.


There are many people who need scanners on an everyday basis. These people need to be present in their offices or homes where they have installed scanners to scan documents and objects. 3D scanners are high on the wish list of such people. They need them to make models instantly as part of development process of new products.


The trio decided to make 3D scanner that was compact and cheap

The entrepreneurs who are behind this project of 3D scanner are all based in Australia. Asfand Khan, Richard Boers, and Rahul Koduri make up the trio that came up with the design and shape of this 3D scanner. The trio says that it did not need to work hard for inspiration. This was because when they required a 3D scanner with precision, they found its price tag of $20000 ridiculous. They say that they were flabbergasted to learn that 3D scanners were so costly and they set down to make a 3D scanner that was available at a fraction of this price.


The next thing that this trio thought was to find out if it was possible to make a 3D scanner powered by an iPhone. Rahul Koduri said that 3D scanners available in the market were priced heavily while those that were available for less were not precise. The reason why the trio used an iPhone was to make use of its advance optics. Having the power of an iPhone allowed the team to concentrate upon green laser. In fact, they could afford to spend more money on this laser while keeping the total cost of the device within manageable limits.


It works with an iPhone or Android smartphone through an app

The team decided to make it as an app that can be downloaded in an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Once downloaded, all the user has to do is to open the app and press the scanner to scan the object in 3 dimensions. Great feature of this scanner is the fact that it automatically adjusts the focus and the exposure while scanning an object. One can download this scanner for free from Google Play Store and Apple Store. It can scan an object completely in just 3-5 minutes.


Besides iOS, this compact t scanner is also compatible with Android operating system and it easily connects with your smartphone e using Bluetooth V 4.0. What is amazing for such a compact and portable scanner is to scan to a precision level of sub 100 microns. The most outstanding feature according to experts in this 3D scanner is the use of green lasers. If you have used a 3D scanner before, you must have seen red lasers in action. But the fact is that human eye is twice as sensitive to green laser as it is to red laser. This is the reason this team has gone with green laser. They say that because of green lasers, you can use this scanner under any light condition.


The chassis of this scanner has been made using aluminum. The trio that made this scanner is on cloud nine these days as they have garnered around $177519 in pledges against a target of $80000 with 29 more days to go.




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