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Summerland looking for commercial partner following crowd-funding campaign

by Paul

Summerland, the London-based immersive tropical paradise to be housed in a secret venue, has switched from a crowd-funding model to a commercial partnership plan, set to launch in 2017/18.

The ambitious Summerland project has been masterminded by Deborah Armstrong, the founder and creative director of Glastonbury’s Shangri-La experience, and crowd-funding began in November 2015.

Speaking about the search for the ideal commercial partner, Armstrong, pictured above, told Event: “The project will be stronger in the long term if we enter into a commercial partnership that enables us to marry our creative skills with the commercial skills of another company rather than doing it in-house. I’m in the process of trying to find the right partner as we need to ensure that it is the right fit both ways.”

The Equity Crowdfunding campaign has been cancelled, with investors remaining Summerland founder members and retaining VIP packages.

Armstrong added, “The investors have been really understanding, they were looking forward to having some fun with it and can’t wait for it to ramp up again. I will open the crowdfunding opportunity up again when appropriate but what was interesting is that I really got a huge amount of non-monetary value for running that campaign – not just goodwill but press, new partners, new supporters, new audience, new sponsorship opportunities and reputational benefits that I couldn’t have planned if I’d tried.”

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