New device will protect your device when using free WI-FI

by Jonathan Adams

When using public WI-FI on your phone, tablet or laptop it is important that your equipment is well protected. A new gadget aims to protect all of your gadgets when using free WI-FI.

The newly gadget is expected to be used at free WI-FI hot zones such as, cafe’s, airports or hotels. Using free WI-FI in these locations puts your gadgets at risk, and your information can be stolen.

The Keezel device takes public WI-FI being used and turns it into an encrypted secure private network just for consumers, and no one can access the data during transfer between devices.

Aike Mueller and the Kezeel team showed KRON4 how to use this technology in public spot, such as Starbucks.

All users have to do is connect their device to Kezeel.

There are other software and apps that users can use in an effort to protect their device, and one of them is the app called “Secure Me.”

Devices and apps that are made to protect your devices are expected to be seen on the market consistently very soon.

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