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Virginia brewing company debuts an Oreo beer

by Paul

A Virginia brewing company announced on social media this week that it had created an Oreo-flavoured beer and long lines of brew and cookie lovers turned out to try it.

The Veil Brewing Co. in Richmond made the big unveiling on Instagram on Sunday, telling followers that that Tuesday it would begin selling its new Hornswoggler beer conditioned with Oreos.

The frothy drink is made from a chocolate milk stout and conditioned with ‘hundreds of pounds’ of Oreo cookies to energize the sweet flavour.

When the brewery opened, people waiting on hour-long lines to get their hangs on a can or order the drink on tap.

‘An hour wait for these, but it’s mad worth it,’ wrote one fan who got his hands on one. Another added: ‘This beer is nuts in the best possible way.’

Someone else wrote, ‘It tastes like it was made by Willy Wonka himself.’

One woman took to Instagram to say: ‘I swear I’m drinking a liquid mounds bar. This is so ridiculously delicious.’

The brewery limited customers to single four-pack each, but by Wednesday, hey announced the cans were all gone.

Veil Brewing Co. has been known to get experimental with its beers, using ingredients like cherries, black lava salt, raspberry, and blood orange.

The Foolproof Brewing Company in Pawtucket, Rhode Island also makes a peanut butter-flavoured beer called Peanut Butter Raincloud, as well as a Chocolate-Oyster Stout called Shuckolate.

Over in Chicago, Off Colour Brewing plays around with s’mores, and is this year releasing a Coffee DinoS’mores drink.

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