Ways of adding value to your equestrian property

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Owners often ask if investing in equestrian facilities will increase the value of a property by the amount spent. Even if you don’t intend to sell now, it should be always in mind that who is going to be your most likely buyer and plan improvements accordingly. For example, if you own only two acres but your property is near a commuter station and a great school, then creating a family home with equestrian facilities to support children at Pony Club is likely to be the optimum investment.

On the other hand, those with an equestrian business, such as a livery yard with 100 acres next to a racecourse or competition centre, might find that securing planning permission for private gallops or an indoor school would be a worthier form of investment.

The best value- addition ways for your equestrian property are:

Secure planning permission
Gaining planning consent for additional accommodation for a groom, granny or a tenant will add value to your property. Applying for residential consent isn’t always straightforward but it is definitely worth if you have a good case. Similarly, planning permission is required for an indoor or outdoor all-weather riding surface. Planning approval is valid for three years, if conditions remain same, and you can always work to ensure the permission doesn’t lapse.

Invest in more land
Buyers are often focussed on number of acres a property has. So, if your property doesn’t have enough numbers for their requirements, they will not bother to view it. The rule of thumb is an acre per horse, so if a buyer is looking for 10 stables, they’re likely looking at 10 acres. Increasing the size of your land holding can help your property appeal to a wider range of buyers: to many it as important for privacy; others will want extra land for grazing.

Keep your property presentable

This is an easy way for value- addition. You will make a good impression with swept yards, a mown lawn and well-maintained fencing. Regular maintenance of windows and doors, and keeping the stables doors and facilities in good order, will show the property has been looked after.

Keep facilities versatile

If you plan to resell your property in the short term, spending money on specialist facilities is rarely advisable. However, if you intend to use it for your own benefit, investing in specialist facilities is worthwhile in terms of time and effort it can save you. But the added value may be less than the expenditure needed to create the new facilities. Try to make specialist facilities as versatile as possible.

Get the basics right

Investments in the basics will be valued by the widest range of buyers. For example, properties with good drainage systems all-year and off-road riding will get a big tick. Another is safe, horse-friendly fencing instead of barbed wire. Services including hot and cold water, in-field troughs, power sockets and lighting will also be attractive to many equestrian buyers. Eco-friendly adaptations, such as a bore hole to provide a private water supply for troughs, will reduce running costs.

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