Why legalisation in Germany & Florida means 2022 could be the perfect time to invest in the regulated cannabis market

Published On: March 5, 2022Categories: Guides0.7 min read


The Cannabis Industry is Booming. Here’s What You Should Know Before You Invest In It.

The popularity of the cannabis sector has boomed in recent years, yet there is a lot to consider before investing. This guide will help you to understand the options available to invest into cannabis, the risks involved, and how to invest.

Included in this free cannabis guide:

  • How big exactly is the market opportunity that the legalisation of cannabis represents?
  • How can the legal cannabis market be broken down across the medical and recreational sectors and cultivation, supply and retail chains?
  • The routes open to investors as well as the opportunities and risks that investing in the legal cannabis market involves.



About the Author: Jonathan Adams

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